Frank Berinstein


Kingston, ON. Woodturners Association

American Association of Woodturners


Bio and Links

    I was born in Buenos Aries, Argentina, and as a young man studied architecture. I was an adventurous child and that characteristic has shaped my entire life. I traveled Argentina with my father, exploring many wild and remote places, and this fostered a love of exploration and the natural environment.  Around the age of fourteen I began messing around with boats during family summers on the Atlantic seashore and the River Plate in Buenos Aires, leading to a lifelong passion. “Water is the one thing that was a major influence on my work and life”. In 1980 I immigrated to Canada with my family due to the political situation in Argentina. I worked for many years in the construction industry and as a simultaneous interpreter/translator and graphic designer in southern Ontario before moving into full-time boat building, furniture design and wood turning in the early 2000’s.  Today I scavenge for wood around Kingston Ontario and turned them into beautiful and sometimes practical objects. I still love to mess about with boats.

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